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Personal Memoirs Writing Tailored Especially For You.

We provide writing services for personal memoirs. Our team makes sure the memoirs which are written are in light of your wishes how you want them written therefore our services are tailored according to our customers’ requirements.

Personal Memoirs

A memoir is a personally written account usually written in the first-person style. We provide writing services for personal memoirs and we make sure that while writing those we make sure that the content connects with you on a personal level.

Legacies Memoir

A legacy memoir is different than other personal memoirs as personal memoirs are written for their self but legacy memoirs are written for those who think they have experienced a lot in life and they want others to learn from their experience so, therefore, they write memoirs to leave their legacy behind. We provide services for legacies memoirs as well.

Confessional Memoirs

Confessional memoirs act as the truth-telling when people want to set the record straight and when the writer wants to provide their narrative on that particular matter they use these confessional memoirs.

Portrait Memoirs

Portrait Memoirs are the type of memoirs that are usually written by someone other than the actual person therefore they usually have second-person narration. If you want your memoir written you can reach out to us our team would be happy to assist you.

What's Our Ebook Writing Process?

The service which we provide is an extensive process to make sure that quality is never compromised as customer satisfaction is a key component for us. The EBook writing services procedure we have in place starts from you contacting us and providing us with briefs to final delivery.

Contacting us

The customer contacts us to avail of our writing services.

Questionnaires & Briefs

We ask our clients who contact us to provide their feedback on how they want their work done. It is either done by filling questionnaires or by providing us a brief of guidelines.


We start by writing an outline that provides an outlook on how the book might look after completion.

Chapters & Approval

After we have listened down chapters and written a first draft we tend to send it for approval from our client.

Revisions & Editing

After approval, we make the advised revisions as suggested and then take necessary editing measures.

Final Delivery

In last, the final product in form of an EBook is completed and available for final delivery.