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Professional Fiction eBook Writing Services Are Available For You

We are a team of expert ghostwriters who can write any sort of fictional content for you, whether they are screenplays, novels, or short stories. The key principles on which we work is to provide quality work on time so that our customer is always satisfied with our services.

Fiction Book Writing

If you have unfinished work or have an idea and cannot write it down, you can also avail of our services and learn from our team, who are professionals in this field. In this way, many students can even avail of our services ad can learn from us.

Creative Writing

We cater to all sorts of creative writing services, and our expert team of writers produces all kinds of creative works like poetry, playwriting, short stories, or any sort of writing that falls in the creative writing niche. If you are stuck with your existing work or have any idea which you want to write down, you can avail of our services.


Whether you are a writer and stuck on playwriting or you are the performer and looking for a script to perform, we offer services to all. At eBook Writing Hub, our team has enough experience to help you write a creative play for your needs.

Book Writing

Creative writing is not only limited to scripts; we also offer book writing services as well. We have a team of experienced ghostwriters who can work on your given instructions under a given deadline.

Short Story Writing

Short story writing is an art itself as you have to compile a whole story under a specific limit while expressing the whole story, so if you are stuck on this, the eBook Writing Hub has got you covered.


Scriptwriting is a separate niche as compared to other forms of creative writing as it requires the creation of characters, dialogues, and also an interesting story. Scripts can be used in film making as well as scripts are also written for plays. If you are looking for something similar, we would be more than happy to assist you.


Poetry also lies in the domain of creative writing, but it requires a different set of skills compared to other forms of writing; we have a team of experienced ghostwriters who have the relevant skillset to cater to our customers’ demands.

Novel Writing

Novel writing is one of the most renowned niches under the domain of creative writing as it is a highly skilled job. Therefore, if you find yourself stuck or you have a story but don’t know how to write it down, then our professional ghostwriters would be happy to assist you.


Writing sometimes can become hectic, exhausting and usually, people end up leaving the task in the middle, which leaves their dreams unfulfilled. Therefore, we are here to help you with your work, and with the help of ghostwriters in our team, we can deliver you the qualitative draft based on your requirements.