What We DO

At EbookWritingHub, we specialize in breathing life into your ideas, stories, and messages. As a comprehensive platform, we offer ghostwriting, editing, proofreading, publishing, and marketing services for ebooks. Our expert team of writers, editors, and marketing professionals collaborates to transform your visions into captivating and impactful ebooks. Whether you're an aspiring author or a seasoned writer, EbookWritingHub is your partner in turning your words into literary masterpieces.

Ghost Writing Services

We will write on your behalf without acclaiming for public credit. E-Book Writing Hub deals clients with an idea or unfinished work in our ghostwriting services. This will help the clients approach the desired written E-Book.


We will cater to all the creative ideas through writing in fiction E-Books. Imagination and ideas are limitless, so writing should be.


We will assist you in writing the non-fiction E-Books, as it needs authentic research to deliver the reality or stories that occurred in real life.


A perfect description of your life is written once; hire a professional ghostwriter to write interestingly and represent your journey.


Save your precious time and still inform people about the specific topic or genre. Professionals will do the complete research and deliver maximum knowledge of the selected topic.


Share your life's exciting and triumph stories with the world; we will help you by writing them professionally from your perspective.

Children’s Book

We know how to match children's vibes through motivational, moral, and colorful pictorial stories through our children’s book writing services.


We will write your memoirs according to your requirements and demand.

Audio Book

Make the audience listen to your written book conversationally according to their convenience.

Book Editing

If you are a good writer but still need to be sure about your work, go for book editing services from E-Book writing hub. We will review your work keenly to make it error-free and enjoyable to read.

Developmental Editing

We go into the depth of the characters or plot of a story and make sure that the totality of the E-Book goes in a proper flow without making the audience lose interest.

Editorial Assessment

Before the E-Book goes into publishing, experienced editors thoroughly overview the structure and main story.

Structural Editing

We set the tone and appropriate language for the written E-Book work.

Copy Editing

Our team of editors checks the grammatical errors and formation of sentences in the clients’ documents for the clear deliverance of ideas that is easily understandable by the readers.

Proof Reading

Good writers do get tired, too, after constantly re-reading the written work for proofreading before publishing. Evacuation will slow down the process of delivering creativity; seek help from professionals, and they will make your work error free after multiple revisions of proofreading.

  • Monolingual Proof Reading

    We provide unlimited proofreads of E-Book writing work in the same written language.

  • Bilingual Proof Reading

    We also provide bilingual proofreads to a single written E-Book for different language backgrounds.

Book Publishing

Cater maximum targeted audience through our top-notch E-Book publishing services. Being top in the search engines for years, we produce positive results in the sales of E-Books published on our platform.

Editorial Support

Our team of experts in our editorial book publishing support checks your content's originality and worth of publishing.

More Acclaim

Preferring a well-known publisher to publish your E-Book on their platform increases your work’s acclamation chances widely.

Marketing Support

You need marketing support to make your visibility pop up to the audience interested in reading your published E-Book.

Book Marketing

We will ensure you positive results in sales of your E-Book after professional marketing services.

Branding And Publicity

Retain the market and brand with our professional branding and publicity services, rare in the market but effective on sales.

  • Increase Brand Reorganization

    Increasing brand reorganization is important to sell more E-Books among the interested masses. Therefore, we make sure to increase your brand professionally.

  • Loyalty And Retention

    Maintaining equality between existing and new customers is our responsibility through our loyalty and retention program.

  • Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

    We flood your account through cost-effective marketing strategies to sell your E-Book.

  • Standing Out Ability

    We deliver outstanding concepts and ideas that automatically make your E-Book stand out from a cluster of published E-Books.

Video Book Trailers

Give a rough idea of the story of your E-Book and its characters with a video book trailer.

  • Cinematic Book Trailers

    Written words infused with illustration, animation, or live characters in motion pictures play a vital role in increasing the sales of your E-Book; just trigger the audience with the visuals of your written words and see the magic.

  • Blurb Trailers

    Cinematic book trailer accompanied by motivating reviews from the client adds a concrete motivation in the mind of readers to purchase and read your book.

  • Author Profile

    Be a public face and promote your E-Book and yourself with our help in the author’s profile trailer.

  • Document Trailers

    Make the readers' minds clear by informing them in advance about the content of a written E-Book in the document video trailer.

Author Website

Make your presence feel from the massive zone of authors through your unique personal website, created by our professionals.

  • SEO Writing

    Engaging content on the author's website with trending keywords will make your presence organically reach the top of search pages through SEO.

  • Web Development

    From developing, making, and maintaining your author’s website is a part of our services.

  • Modern Website Design

    Modern and different website designs will mark a hammered image in the minds of potential E-Book readers.

  • Mobile Friendly

    We make your personal author’s website mobile-friendly so that it is easy to access by the masses who want to search about you using a cell phone.

Audio Book

Convert your written E-Book into an audiobook to reach the audio-preferred masses. Now people prefer multitasking; they are indulged in physical activities while listening to written work.

High Quality

We always deliver high-quality work to our clients as we don’t compromise on the quality of work from our end.

Outstanding Narrative

Proper and remarkable narrative is the backbone of an audiobook; we have narrators who create mesmerizing effects with their narration style.

Performance Over Text

We will cover every word of your E-Book in the impactful narration delivered by our professional narrators.

Cover Design

Attract the potential masses with the fascinating visuals on your E-Book cover design, as most people judge the book by its cover.


Simple yet elegant written words are always attractive for the audience obsessed with reading.


Get the audience's appreciation through outstanding sales of your published E-Book through visually appealing cover design.

Symbolic Or Object-Based

We are experts in making attractive symbolic or object-based customized cover designs according to the connotations of the author.

Scene Setter

Best drawn illustration of your action book characters is our purpose; through it, we keep the readers excited about the story.


The black book cover is beautiful and can attract readers to enjoy the E-Book.