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American Writers Group

Our Book Cover Designers Are Competent And Have Mastery Over A Range Of Different Software.

Designing a book cover is as important as using other marketing strategies because it’s important what is written in the book but on the other hand, it is also important to have a good appealing book cover, therefore, our team of creative designers makes sure that you get great covers for your books by using different design software.

Bold Typography

Text plays a huge role in the appealing factor. We use bold typography in our covers which means that our text on covers stands out from the regular text.


Minimalism means that keeping things simple. We in our cover designs make sure that our covers are simple with bold letters and simple graphics which make our covers aesthetic and appealing.


Sometimes it suits the book content to have a book cover that has multiple pictures which go with the book’s content and therefore to achieve this we use collages as multiple pictures can be made into one and then presented in form of a cover.

Authentic Photography

The photography which we use in our covers is all authentic and taken by our team of professional photographers. Clients are our top priority and it is our job to make sure that the services which we are providing to our customers are genuine and completely authentic.

What Can We Do For You?

We have a set of processes through which we design book covers for you. Our team takes care of our clients by making sure that they get what they want and to achieve this we must take each step with precision.


Under this step all planning related to design, graphics, and even text is carried out. Like how the text should look, where it should be placed, what font should be used, all of this thought process goes under this planning stage.


It is important to research the book and its content so that relevant cover designs can be made which are relevant to your book content.


Our team always stays in touch with our clients so that they can do exactly what our clients want and to achieve this in this stage our team presents demo covers to our customers for approval.


After those demo designs are approved they are almost ready to be delivered just before any advised revisions are made.


Advised Revisions are made as suggested by our customers after their customers.


In last the finalized product is delivered to our customers.